Opr through robotevents

Moa is coming up and I’m not sure if vexvia will show the competition while it’s going on. Is there any way to see opr/dpr through robotevents other than calculating it from the match scores?

My website will provide OPR/DPR/CCWM basically live (or as live as RobotEvents is):


Once the event starts, each time you load the page (or hit the Event Search button), it will pull data from RobotEvents.


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If the event isn’t uploading data, then it won’t be available either in VEX via or on RobotEvents.com (and thus any downstream sites like Mentor_355v’s). If the event is uploading data then the data should be available in both.


@Dave_Flowerday - Is it the case now that VexVia pulls data from RobotEvents? I seem to remember at one point (maybe Tower Takeover) it would show the actual score breakdown by scoring element and that it was hitting some other data source (maybe a Cassandra database if memory serves) that Tournament Manager uploaded to.

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