Optimal Base Size for ITZ

The new season is here, In The Zone! Can’t wait to start designing, building, and programming a robot. While I wait, I’ve been going through some designs, strategies, and programs for a possible robot. Although I now have designs for a lift and intake, I’m a little stuck on a design for the base. What I’m mainly stuck on is the size of the base. I originally thought a 15" by 15" base would be perfect, but then I had a shocking discovery: The maximum diameter of one mobile goal is 10" (How did I miss this part in the rules?)! So now I’m trying to find new dimensions for a base. I definitely want the base to be at most 17" by 17" because what if I need pieces or components to stick out (I don’t want to be bigger than the parameters!)? But now, I guess the smallest I could go is 16" by 16", seeing that the mobile goal can’t fit in my 15" by 15" design. Which size should I use? 17"by 17" or 16" by 16"? What sizes are you guys using? Thank you in advance.

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You can extend passed the 18x18x18 limit once the game starts. Then you can extend vertically as much as you want but horizontally within a 35" diameter

my chassis is 17.5 inches square, I also plan have having multiple things that flip/extend out of the starting parameters.

Most people Opt for 17.5" square. I would be wary of going anywhere lower than that for VRC HS with a tall lift, as <G12> could count against you.

Many teams I think will underestimate it’s importance this year when having discussions over referee’s decision making.

Appendix A is your friend…

I understand you can make parts of your robot extend out at the beginning of the match. It’s just that the only thing I might make extend out is the anti-tip. It’s just that I and the parameters have a history. Being in VEX for 2 years has taught me that 17.5" by 17.5" gives you little space to let little things like screws and axles stick out. My team has always had a problem with the parameters, even though we would have a lot of space for other components (like lift or intake). That’s why I say for me 17" by 17" is the max. Maybe it was like that because we designed the robot badly, maybe something else. But I guess I could go with the 16" by 16" because if I think it’s too small, I can always make it bigger.

That sounds a good plan.