Optimal Controls for a fast tank drive?

What type of joystick driving config is best for spin up? Our current joystick input for our inline drivetrain is the Left Joystick is forward/backward while the Right Joystick is turning left/right. We are having issues where the drivetrain whips from side to side too fast, even after we reduced the controller deadband zone. Would a tank drive controller setup be better for aiming/turning slower?

I have always preferred split arcade (your current setup), as well as (I believe) the majority of vexers. It just has better control and separation of driving from turning than tank, while being more intuitive and allowing you to reposition your thumbs if they slip without losing time.

A solution to making turning better would be to add a macro function, so that when you press a button or activate it it cuts turning velocity and control way down. We have this so that lining up for shots is easier. Also, instead of making a larger deadbamd, try making a joystick function with a larger ranged ratio. We generally x^3, but you should find what’s best for you.

I would say the optimal controls would be whatever your driver has the most practice or is most comfortable with.


That is mostly just driver practice. For most of the season I’ve drive a light bot (13-14lbs) on 600 rpm, and control hasn’t really been an issue.

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It just depends on how much practice you have. I would probably recommend split arcade like most others have said, but if your driver has more practice on tank drive stick with that. I’ve been driving for 4 years on tank drive, and if you put me on split arcade I would lose the majority of my skill.

New driver so the learning curve applies to both

An advantage of split arcade control is having the turn value easily reduced by doing basic math with the signal value from the turn joystick. Divide by two, use a cubic filter, make the dead zone 30 and subtract 30 from the signal. Whatever makes the driver able to comfortably control turns.


Saw the title and thought someone was doing something cool with convex optimization. Sad

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it is similar to a steering wheel of a car meaning the tighter the steering rack or the less movement of the wheel giving a bigger output, Meaning if you make it so a smaller change in the controller leads to a bigger change in steering you’ll be able to move more quickly to make adjustments, just don’t over do it to the point of not being able to make small adjustments.