Optimizing the tray bot design

how can we make the complex tray bots even better than they already are? anything is welcome

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China’s already done this. Here’s what I see:

  1. Doubled up intakes: Helps to pick up cubes or if one breaks
  2. Good drive width: Their drive width allows them to score in the large zone sideways, it is also important that they use omni wheels
  3. Coding: Driver and auton coding is perfected, especially cube deploy into the scoring zone.
    And of course,
  4. 4-Stage Foldout This allows them to pick up 11-13 cubes, giving a huge advantage.

This is as good as the complex tray gets, nothing with improve on it without being a new design.


having more than 11 cube capacity is just not worth it


What exactly do you mean by good drive width

He most likely is referring to keeping a smaller drive width in order to easily place stacks in the large goals. In general, keeping the drive width 25 wide should allow you to place stacks in the zones easily when coming in along a side of the field.


he means a thinner drive to make it easier to maneuver into the goal zone

What do you mean by doubled up intakes?

  • You could start getting into odometry to utilize position tracking, further increasing autonomous reliability.
  • Sadly, as what I am aware of, there is no better design than the complex tray bots. We’re stuck with these type of robots until either the design is perfected or a new design is made that is better than the tray bot design.

The constant worshipping of another country makes me question America’s sanity. All designs so far are pretty much the same this season, so much of what is said should be pretty much common sense for most teams.


Keep in mind that he did follow directions, so I don’t understand the reason to speak in a biased or knee-jerking manner.

What makes the extra cube capacity not worth it?


well 11 cubes is exactly one sixth of the 66 cubes on the field. it would be a good balance between stack speed and stack height. and a lot of great teams in China have shortened their long trays because they find it unnecessary to have stacks that high to win including a part of the World Champion alliance last year 98060T.
Edit their driver switched team number this year to 98060Z and this team uses a complex tray with a 10 cube capacity


Might be a bit hard, but, removing the 2 bar and just making it a RD4B(Reverse Double Four Bar) so that the robot can score in all of the towers.

Something that I think that everyone is doing, but, anti-tips are a must when you have 3 or 4 stage flipouts

that’s called a tray lift.
also I agree with anti tips. but I believe that they should not stick out the back of the robot because we need the field wall to correct position in autonomous esp. programming skills

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They don’t come out until the lift goes up

That is not what I meant. Just the intake is on the the RD4B.

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you know I thought of that too but having a 1 motor dr4b is not really viable and necessary. you’re going to have a hard time figuring out spacing furthermore
2 bars allow much quicker descoring. also having the ability to score in the central tower doesn’t give you much of an edge even if you succeed in scoring. you’ll definitely encounter fierce defence as well and if you get tipped while fighting over towers the opponents face no penalty.

but position corrections are needed all throughout the skills programme

I disagree. Lift tray are much quicker to score, descore, and more importantly, swap cubes in towers. In my experience 2 bars struggle to aquire nested cubes, especially with mid towers.


in most situations swapping is not needed also you can push it out of the tower with a 2 bar in less than half a second if you get it right


I agree, but for skills that 1 extra bonus is going to be huge

If you check the skills rankings, you’ll see that the highest driver skills is a whopping 126 points (6842Z). That means 5 towers and 21 stacked cubes.

I suspect Pigpen has a tray lift, allowing them to not only stack cubes quickly, but also to “cache” cubes in their tray, and then score them one at a time. Tray bot can’t do that.

EDIT: 6842Z is a traybot. Their optimization is really really good driving and a good skills route. That’s it.


I’d say 9 cubes is enough for skills traybots. There will only be 61 cubes in the skills arena (remove 5 preloads), and there are 6 goal zones. 9*6+7=61, meaning 6 stacks of 9 with 7 towers will use up all of the cubes.