Orange rubber bands from Amazon - 2022 edition

In the past, I’ve purchased these rubber bands as our goto. They are the right color (which seems to be important to middle school students)

In prior years, they have been fine, this year they are vastly different, more like plastic than rubberbands.

In some light research I came across this video from the “Flying Cheese”

and they recommend these

Anyone have a better choice? A pound for $5 seems like a huge deal if they actually work.


We have bought the second link and find them to be a suitable match to the Vex sold rubber bands.

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Also happy cake day to @Foster and the Marine Corps.


we use these alliance rubber bands for our catapult for VRC and I would highly suggest them, they are the highest quality yet the cheapest rubber bands i have found. If this tells you how much i recommend them, id say that the saying of "Fast, good, or cheap – pick two.” is completely disproven by these rubber bands.
edit:we use these ones specifically, but id assume all the bands from this company will be high quality (they do contain latex, we bought these because natural rubber rubber bands are better than the non latex, and no one in our org has an allergy to latex


Super, ordered the orange ones for the roboteers. Thanks for the input.

I’m a little late to the game, but we have used the Alliance Non-Latex rubber bands almost exclusively for the better part of 5 years, and they are excellent. During that time, we tried other types/brands when recommended by other teams, and we have never been as satisfied with the quality.


Orange is the new Black!

Orange non-latex Alliance bands worked great for many teams in vrc and should be plenty good for IQ.

Some teams took it to X-Treme with extra durable marine grade bands, but it’s not nessesary for majority of the use cases.