Ordering Anomaly

For some reason I got my HS bearings within 3 days of ordering despite them being listed as out of stock. Anyone know why?
(Not mad at VEX or anything I’m actually really happy) :smiley:


there is really only one possible solution.
on November 12th, vex will finally accomplish time travel, and as a test, they will send the bearings you ordered last month to your past self (currently your current self), and as far as you’re concerned, they’ve arrived early. (in reality, the testing was delayed a few days due to some unexpected failure, so they really are a bit late)

no other logical explanations tbh.


When I read the title, I thought that you tried

“Ordering @Anomaly

Ben is not for sale!

Or is he? :grin:


I thought the same at first. Then I was like, oh wait, he’s banned. Then I was confused, then disappointed. A real roller coaster of emotions there.


I’ve had that as well, many of my parts which were listed for 3 weeks due arrival came within a week, of time. Also just to ask., which set do you have?

What do you mean by set?

I had an ordering anomaly too. “Ships in 8 weeks”

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Like, the superkit, the starter kit.

I think I got the super kit and just bought other parts from There

Doesn’t the super kit already have HS bearings?

Idk. I need more though