Oregon VRC Tournament

Yesterday, I had the privilege of helping out at the new Oregon VRC event at Sandy High School. Fifteen teams from Washington and Oregon participated, including nine brand-new Oregonian teams. Only three of the teams at the even participated in VRC last year, so the event was mostly rookies. This event was completely put on by volunteers from Sandy, including students who did all the scorekeeping, crystal management, queuing and setup. You wouldn’t have known that everyone was new to VEX, though, as the event ran smoothly and finished ON TIME! (OK, we had to run one semifinal match three times because of various problems, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a tournament of any kind – from VRC to FTC to FRC – that didn’t have at least one problem in Eliminations. :slight_smile: Did I mention that we finished on time?)

Start your own event. All it takes is 12 teams from four or more schools, a field, and some helpers. I like the excitement of the big 30+ team tournaments, but I’ve become a big fan of smaller events, too. With the field, the crowd, and the pits all in the same gym it’s more like hanging out with friends doing robots than a large event that tends to get scattered all over a venue.

My congratulations to Mr. Tisch and his team for putting on a great event. I have some video that I will put up on YouTube later today, and I’d like to thank the volunteers who shot the video, too.

Oregon video up: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=oregon+vex+clean+sweep

Two fun matches:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYsuWyTw7lc (what is that the drive team is singing during auto??)

Pictures on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rtyler78/collections/72157623451940969/

Team 10D, you did it!!!

Hang on, I have to pull out an OLD Clean Sweep design of mine… God, I had to dig into my backup archives…


The blue square is 18" x 18." This was back when I was attempting to use 3D Studio Max to design bots, bad idea SolidWorks all the way.

Anyway this is design number 2 of about five that eventually became PTD’s final settles design. I was trying to make a omni module that was thin enough to fit the medium ball through. My design also called for an encoder and really fast gearing. Design #3 is a tall version of this module but alas it’s corrupted. My backup files get saved to an external hard drive that goes with me to college and files on it sometimes go current after a while. It’s partly due to the number of times these files get copied around and their age. While looking for this I actually found the scene files for Tetra Triad. Interestingly enough I thought I had lost those completely.

Anyway, the idea was to use some kind of crazy belt to lift balls up to 24" (the college size limit) then dump them. But then a certain team came up with the front loading, front dumping, arm that folds into itself bucket design. We moved our train of thought to this design for a while until a little catapult changed our minds.

Long point being, you guys actually pulled it off! Sweet and your module, one single piece of C-channel! I would be a bit concerned about the structural aspects of one piece of C-channel but it seemed to work out for you guys.

Now for the collector, swap those heavy wheels for the large chain sprocket’s and your in business!

Also, a 3:5, X, large wheeled holonomic drive. Dare I say, this is quite possibly the best holonomic drive that I’ve seen this year. It’s not perfect and I actually hate the square chassis on top of it but wow, great drive.

BTW, I already knew this but Rick, your camera is amazing! Seriously, when you post a picture of a robot you can basically see everything in extreme detail unlike these crappy YouTube videos.

Anyway enough of a rant here, I have someone in the “Good Robots.” post that I can now refute.

10D is what happened when I said, “Guys, forget it. There is no way to build a VEX pitching machine that will throw footballs. The balls are too heavy and the motors are too small. Just give it up.” Check out this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rtyler78/4415519785/in/set-72157623452279053/


Cody, I’ve been a moderately serious photographer since college. The shots on Flickr were all taken with a Nikon D80 digital SLR. It’s all about the optics.

Such a freaking cool photo.

10D is cool because they did the unprobable, but I’m not in love with the structure or the design necessarily.

I saw your camera at worlds, beast. I’d love to get into real photography but I’m a poor college student. Interestingly enough I can simulate different camera lenses inside 3D Studio Max. My point is that maybe knowing a bit about photography would help me make the animations all the better.


It was kinda funny to hear that one girl begging the drivers to stop scoring during the one teleop period.

Will 10D be at worlds? I would really like to see that thing in person. It looks like there is an axle full of small wheels that acts as an intake trigger, correct? I am surprised to see that design working well. I know i was skeptical in the beginning of the season that a baseball pitching machine could work but i guess i was wrong. from what i saw in the videos that catapult is almost TOO powerful. Love the photos.


They haven’t qualified for Worlds yet, but they have one more chance on March 20 at British Columbia Institute of Technology. Yes, their ball-lifter uses 2.75" wheels, while their shooter uses 4" and 5" wheels plus six motors.

That video might show up at our annual team dinner. :slight_smile:

i saw something interesting
in qual 5 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xwyYh0gclc)
is your coach/spotter allowed to go all around the field like that?
i thought you weren’t suppose to pass a certain line…
he looks full of energy though ^^

We questioned that too, but we decided we had better things to worry about.
1899 and 10V played 3 matches against 10Z and 10C, and we lost all 3. Our holonomic drive gearing 5:3 was too much for the motors and clutches, and we killed 3 motors that day. $60 down the drain. Time for a new design!

u know you can unscrew the motors and replace the stripped gears right?
each motor should come with 2 replacement gear packages
and if its your clutch thats ruined, then that would be easier to replace

Yes, but we didn’t have time between elimination matches. We are currently repairing our motors…

We ran out of clutches. We destroyed about 5 of them at Sandy.