Organization Help Needed

Hey everyone, I’m in desperate need for some help with the organization of our vex supplies. Currently our whole kit is in complete shambles. My team hasn’t had organization at its forefront and it really shows. Anyway, we’ve set aside a day next week to completely rip our kit apart and reorganize from scratch. We currently have maybe 15-20 Stanley Organizers at our disposal. I’d personally like to get bin organizers, but that isn’t going to be viable for a little while. So my question is, how can we use the organizers and our 4 gladiator shelves to organize everything in such a way as to be able to clean up fast, but have everything put away and stored in the right spot. Thanks in advance for the help.

What we did is make boxes for metal, for gears etc. then we labeled them. We put them on he shelves then. I don’t know how else to help though. Good luck organizing

If you had some money I will go to a hardware store and see what they have available. Maybe it was possible to just look around at different tool storage things to get some ideas. That has helped us out as we are trying to figure this out ourselves. If you know of any good robotics teams in the area you could ask to see how they do it.

We have about ten small boxes that each contain specific parts (gears, sprockets, c-channels, etc.) That works pretty well for us.

Btw we also have a fishing tackle box, that has lots of small spaces. We use this for screws, nuts, spacers, washers, all the small stuff.
Here is a good one: