Organization/storage for a team at a school

Does anyone have suggestions on how to organize materials for a VEX robotics team at a school? Pictures too, please!! I have seen the past posts, but only a few pictures have been posted. I’m hoping to find options for a space that also needs to function as a classroom. These types of spaces are very difficult to keep organized, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, Do you mean like a storage inside a classroom?

If you are looking for just general storage, I would advise either a large bin for all similar metal C-channel. You can also just use shelves but what is crucial is that you MUST keep everything in its own box other wise you will end up mising sutff up and it gets really tricky organizing when you dont have boxes / homes for it in the first place. In therms of nuts screws etc, my team uses something like lthese which are nice to bring to competitions as well. We also have a large locking cabinet type container that holds our c-channel and also some large tools. I can send a picture of that later. And for the medium to small things like wheels, wires, tape, wrenches we use another rolling shelving unit that I can also send pictures later if you would like. Also, having one of these works really nicely during competitions too.

I built some rolling racks out of 2x4 and pegboard based on inspiration from other organizations. The bins were donated from an area business. They hold quite a bit of parts and teams can roll them wherever they are needed. Hanging the steel vertically allows students to find what they need without having to dig through a bin.

It also helps the custodial crew so we can clear the room when they do a deep summer cleaning.

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This is exactly what we have except made from metal. It is very helpful being roll able and also houses most of our components from motors to scissors.

Our school has 13 total teams and growing. Each team has a 20x20x20 box to store their robot and we built 24x24x24 shelf’s for each team. For parts, we use shelf’s with plastic bins for metal pieces and each team has there own box for screws and such. We also have a large storage cabinets we purchased for extra screws, wheels and other smaller parts. We use a closer in our school to store this all

I dont have a picture, but we have a raised field to replicate what is at worlds. Its really handy for long term storage and metal storage.

Here is a link to pictures of the VEX Team VIRUS workspace which is in the VEX World Coaches Association facebook group (you will probably need to be a member of the group to view):

I just bought one these and the bins that go with it

Thank you all so much!! We are lucky to have a room at the school, but it will also need to work for VR and computer science classes. Thank you!

Just wanted to share pictures of the robotics room after we cleaned and organized. It was a ton of work, but thanks to the VEX forum and other coaches, our space is finally pulled together. Here are photos just in case any of you are looking for ideas.

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