Orientation of Game objects...

So here’s a thought:

It seems the objects will fit within the goal if they are alternated between the cylinders and the balls… (i.e.: a ball on top of a cylinder, then another cylinder, then another ball, etc…) Any thoughts on this?

Is it worth it to change the orientation, and use up motors, rather than just scoring the objects in any ol’ way?


Orienting the barrels just seems like a waste of time and motors.
Scoring quickly is better than scoring efficiently. If you orient them, it’s leaving more room for a negation barrel or more of the opponent’s barrels.
I’d be more concerned with being able to pick up barrels at any angle than to make them all vertical when you intake them.

Does anyone have a full kit of game pieces?
It would be great if they could post a video showing stacking details.

I suggest the following details:

  • two or more 30" goals side by side, with an extended tape measure
  • stack alternate color objects
  • one goal stack vertically: ball, barrel, ball, barrel …
  • other goal, stack barrels horizontally

Another good stack would be just barrels (sideways),
vs just balls.

Since the goals are larger than the objects, there may be some stack compression as the objects stack crooked in the goal.

And then, given the new slippery vs old scuffed roundup tubes, see how tall a stack of ball/barrel/ball you can make without any side supports; this is eqv to stacking above the top of the goal, or stacking in a floor goal.

From my reading of the rules, game objects are not considered scored if they are stacked over a Floor Goal.

From the Game Manual at the bottom of page 6:

The associated picture on page 7 does not show a stacked item in a Floor Goal:

Not much else is said specifically about Floor Goals.

  • Dean

Right, stacking over a floor goal doesn’t count. My bad.

Field Specs .pdf shows that a barrel has 1.34" depressions in the ends.
So a barrel between two balls adds less than 2.5", rather than the full 5"

My crude sketchup model shows that adjacent pipes in a circular goal have a gap between them of less than 4.5".

As for object manipulators for picking up objects:

  • a ball has no orientation, and the largest diameter is off the floor, making it easy to grip with a concave gripper.
  • a barrel on its side looks rectangular from the side view, but has narrow points at the ends, making it easy to grip with a convex gripper
  • a barrel on its end has the largest diameter touching the floor, making it hard to get under, so a clamp-friction-only grip, or something more complicated is required.
  • a barrel on its side, end view, has the largest diameter away from the floor, making it easy to grip with a vertically concave gripper.

Hey, check out this rough but to scale stacking diagram https://vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=5176&c=16

This isn’t a video, nor is it complete for all possible scored medium and high goals but the picture does include some of the details you noted, including horizontal barrels, alternating balls and barrels, exclusively balls or barrels as well as the “stack compression” you noted of crooked game objects in the larger sized goals.

Apparently Exothermic Robotics Club already has the new pieces and field objects. I still haven’t seen them–AP TESTS!! :eek:, but all the measurements were to scale based on the game manual in that diagram. Hope this helps

No, we don’t. We just have the $50 kit which includes some game elements and one tall goal. We are waiting for June just like everyone else!

Aww man… Well I guess it was a “I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend kind of thing.”

Thanks, it helps with the visualization.
Is it is a 2d view of a 2d model, or a 2d view of a 3d model?
It seems like a stack of balls might nest in a spiral manner in 3d.

Thanks for the image…

Uhhhh… well it is definitely a 2D view, partially based on my mental visualization of the three-dimensional model (notice some overlapping/objects out of the edge of the goals) but more of the basic 2D flat model of a goal.

Yeah your note of spiral stacking seems pretty valid, there being 5 pvc pipes in each goal, precluding perfectly symmetrical offsetting of consecutive game pieces.

I just assumed that the 3D spiraling wouldn’t have too much of an effect. However, someone good at 3D CAD’ing will probably model goal filling a lot better and prove me wrong. I still need to install and learn how to use inventor!