Original 2005 Half-pipe Hustle bot for 124

Here’s a pic of our original bot that we tore down three days before regionals.

And before that when we first started we were going to use four of these to drive, but then we read the rules and found out we weren’t allowed to drill holes through the motor :smiley:

seems like a very interesting design, do you have any further pictures of the version with the hole drilled in the motor. it is a very original design.

Well, we only have two pics of it, (one regular view and one close-up; that one is the close-up) but what we did was take the motor apart, found out what it looked like inside, then drilled a hole safely through the casing and out on the other side, take two of the “plus” brackets, and bend one of the protrusions to a 90 degree angle on each of them; then we bolted each of them to a metal plate (through the parts that were bent). However, you can imagine what gear ratio we used, because i can’t remember. but the whole setup was too tight for the motor to turn and we ended up going with huge track setups intead. (check the other pic.)