Osizr reveal question

I was rewatching some reveals for ideas, when I noticed that in the osizr reveal at about 1:04 their claw flips out. I was wonderring if anyone could explain to me how they do this.
reveal is here


The usual method will be hinge… rubber bands…

Inertia. Passive hinge formed by the bolts+nuts through the 1x3 C-channels that the claw’s standoffs attach to. See the video at 1:11. After deploy, the claw is held in the correct position by gravity.

From what I can tell, they use lock nuts to bolt the claw to the arm (facing upwards at the beginning of a match). Like nenik said, the inertia from the movement of the arm causes the claw to fall down into place.

Does anyone have a video explaining it ? It’s a bit difficult to see from reveals. Or imagine from your descriptions.

Actually never mind I got it.