OSX, VMWare programming cable issue redux

I used this thread as a starting point https://vexforum.com/t/help-programing-in-osx/29835/1 (I also looked at the threads it referenced)

Robot C = 4.27
OSX = 10.9.5
Fusion = 6.0.2

I’m able to use the A-A cable to download to the Cortex.

I have the older programming cables. I loaded the Windows7 drivers for the older cable. It installs, but I get the Error 10, device won’t start. Uninstall and installed the XP drivers, same Error 10, won’t start.

When I plug the USB to programming cable end in, I do get a VMWare prompt on where to use the USB point and I select Windows.

For both drivers RobotC can see the serial port, but it’s marked not active.

Any good ideas for next steps?

One of my issues was only one of the USB ports on my laptop will register with the correct serial drivers. I look and see all of the drivers I downloaded. Could just be a bad cable as the old ones are a bit moody sometimes

What does the device manager show? Any yellow warning triangles on that com port? Error 10 usually means “unsupported” cable, try the driver I recommend in this thread.

Yes, it’s the yellow triangle. The post you linked to links back to the VEX content site, and the same set of drivers I downloaded. They have an October 2008 date. Is there a better set to try?

The drivers I mark as “works” should work, I have not tested any of this in a long time, best bet is to use a good cable. Check the VMware USB setup under “USB & Bluetooth” and then “advanced settings”, USB compatibility should be on USB 2.0 unless you have a good reason to change it. I almost exclusively use Windows in a VM on a Mac using VMWare (both 6 and 8) and still prefer the prolific cables over the new VEX cables, however, my cables are genuine ($10 short cable from Office Depot). If you have another type of USB/serial cable (FTDI etc.) these can be used with ROBOTC but you need to check the option under preferences that allows third party cables to be used.