Other Awards


I was wondering if there were other awards in VRC other than simply winning the robot challenge?

If someone could direct me to a list or something, that’d be great.

Game Documentation
Elevation Game Description 08-21-2008, pdf
Elevation Game Manual 08-19-2008, pdf
Elevation - Appendix A (Field Drawings, Specifications & BOM) 08-19-2008, zip
Elevation - Appendix B (Low Cost Field Options) 08-19-2008, zip
Elevation - Appendix C (Robot Inspection Guidelines) 08-19-2008, zip
Elevation - Appendix D (Programming Guide) coming soon
Elevation - Appendix E (Awards) coming soon
Official VRC Q&A Forum

here is a copy form the elevation page

This will probably become more clear when the Awards list is posted, but does anyone know if an engineering journal is looked at/considered in the process? I know it’s a good practice, even if you don’t get “credit”, but it’s harder to motivate students to do something if they know that no one outside the team will ever look at it.

When will the awards section be posted?

Does anyone have a general suggestion on how many judges, robot inspectors and referees are in a typical VEX competition (24 teams)?

I would suggest at least 3 judges. Depending on how long you run inspection 1-2 inspectors, also depends on how fast they can work. As far as ref’s go that depends on how many fields you have. Ideally if I were doing it I would like to have 4 refs per field so that each ref can concentrate on a single robot. However you could do it with only 3 and probably be fine. If you have more than one field you can have a couple refs move between fields after each match.

It will be posted tomorrow (10/9/2008). Sorry for the delay, and any inconvenience it may have caused.