Other IDE other than Vexcode?

Hi, I’m pretty new to this. I just finished the clawbot and I am getting into the programming. I am wondering if you are able to use another IDE other than Vexcode, because it seems pretty similar to vscode and Vexcode isn’t on linux yet, so maybe another IDE will work. But that is why I am wondering, because I have a windows desktop but its not portable, my laptop is old and runs linux.

Yes. Other major platforms include, Robot Mesh Studio and PROS for V5. I reccomend PROS for advanced programmers.


there are a few programming options. vexcode tbh is the most recommended for beginners, and is just generally a nice IDE. two other alternatives are PROS and robot mesh studios, if you’re looking for alternatives. I believe PROS runs on linux, and rms is browser based, so it runs on anything.


ah, but since I already have vscode does that work if I just code in C++ or is there some libraries that are in Vexcode that is not in vscode?

VSCode is just a text editor. VEXCode is an IDE and a VEX programming API.
I believe VEXCode supports c++98 unless specified.

PROS is an VEX programming API that comes with a default editor. You can use any editor you want with PROS such as VSCode. PROS provides a command line interface for compiling and uploading to the V5.
PROS uses c++17. PROS also provides some additional libraries such as OkapiLib and is the most open, flexible, expandable, and customizable platform.

VEXCode is c++98 not c++11.


So, PROS could be used with any editor, doesn’t have to be vexcode right? So PROS it self can’t edit?

PROS can be used with any editor.
However, PROS comes with a default editor, which is basically a re-skinned version of Atom which has a GUI interface to the CLI (projects, building, and uploading).

Technically you can edit VEXCode files with any editor, but you will have to open VEXCode to compile and upload. PROS allows you to compile and upload using the command line.


ah, thank you for this detailed explanation!