Other Motors

I am interested in replacing the vex motors on my robot with faster and stronger motors. Is this possible and can you use the vex microcontroller (all the same parts) with the new motors. Can you list the motors that would be optimal and a supplier?

There are no other motors compatible with the Vex Controller directly. You can use other motors with the Vex Controller but, you must use a speed controller between the Vex Controller and the motor. The Victor speed controllers (http://www.ifirobotics.com/speed-controller-selection-guide.shtml) are compatible with the Vex Controller. See post https://vexforum.com/t/victor-support/12293/1

Is there a cheaper speed controller that I can use as opposed to the Victor? Do i need a speed controller per motor and does it matter what voltage the new motors are or will any motor work?

I am sure there are other speed controllers around but we only know that the Victors Speed Controllers are Vex compatible. Depending on the rating of your motor and speed controller will determine if you can operate more than 1 motor per speed controller. And yes, voltage does matter. You will most likely need to have a separate battery at the proper voltage to run your motors.