Other Robotics

Please post if you have worked with any robotics OTHER THAN VEX. Do the poll, too.

i have wowwee robots, visit www.wowwee.com

i have:


I like your ‘Robot’ avatar!

my avatar is ASIMO, a honda robot, completed in about 2003 or 2004.

how about LEGO mindstorms.

asimo rocks

Yes, when i was in middle school i was involved in Lego League, and now i am involved in VEX and FRC. Its great

i always wanted lego but now i have vex

I’ve heard of that!:slight_smile:

i used to do the Lego mindstorms and i was a master at programming

no:( sadly not but i only though about buyin one of those microcontrollers at radioshack when i got a science kit there.
But when i saw the vex i though forget that dumb microcontroller the vex looks like somthing u can put more creativity into like romote or automonous control.

I first started working with the Heath Hero I in 1987 for a couple months. Then I got a Radio-Shack Mobile Armatron, and then nothing until AUG-2006, when I got my first Vex Kit…

I gotta know…

Why did you put a maybe in the poll?

Not that it matters; nobody has selected it.
I was involved in Lego Robotics for a year, until I got too old for it :frowning:

I still play with my mindstorms from time to time but it is outdated now. Now that I am really interested in robotics I can’t buy the sensors I want or need.

I love VEX but also recently recieved the new LEgo NXT, it definitly doesn’t measure up to the same standards of customizability as VEX but its still nice. I’d stick with VEX though as long as my school pays for it :).

For those involved in “Super Secret Government Projects”… :cool:

I did lego mindstorms at a summer camp once.

I wanted NXT but then I got involved with Vex at school and I agree as long as they pay for it I’ll be involved.

This is my last year in FLL, but last year my team was 2nd place in robot design and we were 11th overall in Georgia, part of the reason we were only 11th is because we started our research after regionals and the space elevator,Im sure some of you know what Im talking about.

Our team name Teach Tales.

BTW we had an amazing research project after we got started.