other ways to get into world

my school has 4 robots getting into worlds and i am wondering if there’s anyways to getting into worlds without the CADD challenge and waiting list

Your state competition has several awards that will qualify their winners for Worlds. In Indiana the awards that qualify are Excellence, tournament champions, tournament finalists, design award, programming skills winner, and the robot skills winner. This may be different for your state though as some states get less world qualifying spots because they have fewer teams. To look at which awards could qualify you for world you can go toRobotEvents.com and find your state tournament.

It looks like they have already had their state competition… The only other way is to qualify thru skills

Here are the ways I know of to get an invite to Vex Worlds

  1. Top 30 in the world for either type of skills as of the cut off date (not MS/HS division specific - top 30 overall)
  2. State qualification spots (see your state tournament for determining what qualifies)
  3. 1st place in any number of online challenges (CAD, animation, website, etc)
  4. Winning World’s Excellence Award the year before
  5. Wait List (not guaranteed)

We have two teams - and luckily both teams qualified for worlds. It wasn’t such a sure thing going into states (we’re from Virginia, too). The Virginia teams are very competitive. Our plan if only one team qualified and the other didn’t was to have members of the other team (our daughter) volunteer at worlds. I think it would be a great way to experience worlds. You may want to consider bunking with some of your classmates and experencing worlds by being a volunteer.

Thanks for the answer