OU Comp question

so in the manual it states that an alliance of one robot can never meet the definition of doublezoning. therefore, if your alliance partner doesn’t have a working robot or knows their drive won’t allow them to move much or be of much help, it would seem optimal to tell them to not place their robot on the field for the match while still attending to avoid a no show, to avoid restricting their alliance partner to one zone. I cant find anything in the manual against this, but would this be allowed as a strategic decision?

I would remind you to read Code of Conduct and Student-Centered policies carefully, as this could be a violation of G1. If an adult is influencing this discussion - G2.

If the robot works, let them play to their best of ability.


Usually if something isn’t stated in the game manual, then 99% of the time it is legal.

I remember in viq slapshot there was a ruling against high level teams that would tell their low-performing match partner to put their robot in the corner and stay out of the way. Of course vrc is much different than iq. I don’t see anything in the manual that explicitly prohibits this, but if a team does this, I would expect g1 scrutiny from judges and even event partners.

I just found this, it might be relevant.


anyone who was in the vtow discord a few days ago knows the op was just a copypasta