Our Coach can't make a competition

Our coach can’t come to a competition this weekend and one of our teammates may not be able to. It will just be me and my teammate. We are friends with the coach who is hosting, but he won’t have much time. What do we do in this situation, do we just continue on like normal, or get a parent to help us with certain things

well you need to be able to get to the comp besides that you don’t really need a coach. Now I might not remember everything but generally you don’t need a coach to do a tournament.

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Ok, we usually take our own stuff with us. And that is good to know.

You need an adult due to T18:


OK, we will have a parent stand with us.

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I love forgetting the rules and the circumstances that this happened for me. A senior student that we went with was 18 at the time.

Also, you may want someone to attend the coach’s meeting.


You should be fine. We just go to competitions with our parents - no mentor/coach.


We have afterschool robotics 3/5 days this week, so we should be good.