Our drive train is squeaking

My and my team have noticed that our drivetrain has started to produce a squeaking noise. We checked all the motors and they are on tight. The only other thing we could think of that would make the noise are the gears. The gears have some junk and dust inside of them due to the constant driving put under our robot, but we don’t know if that is actually the issue. Would appreciate it if someone could let us know what’s happening. (If you need a pic of the drivetrain, ask for it and I will post one)


Clean it and see if it’s fixed then.

I would just spray the motor’s gear cartridge with canned air. if this dose does not fix it you can add bearings. You could also just spray on some lube(Make sure to wipe away any excess though.

Are you using bearing flats? If not make sure you do in every spot where an axel touches metal

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A picture of your drivetrain would be helpful.

did you use bearing flats/ (three hole spacers) on your axle to metal connections? you do not want metal to metal connections

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A likely cause of this issue is that the axle is not aligned properly with the motor. The axle is rubbing against the metal part of the motor that the axle connects to. This caused squeaking on my drivetrain last year. Sometimes even a very slight misalignment can cause some squeaking, however if you could provide some photos or videos of your drivetrain, that would be very helpful.

Some of my motors have been squeaking also, I took apart the motor and removed the cartridge, and the squeaking was inside the motor’s gearbox.

Could be too many spacers on your axel

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