Our driving forward or backwards ia normal but turning is reversed

Our driving forward or backwards ia normal but turning is reversed, dose anyone know how to fix this were using vex v5 block coding with a 6 wheel drive, idk what its called but we are using left joystick is forword and back, right joystick is side to side.

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Can you show us your code? I think that the issue could be with how you’ve defined your motors as well, so try and see if reversing the direction of the drivetrain (if you’re using the drivetrain class) or checking the ports for each motor group would fix the problem. Alternatively, it could potentially do with how you’ve coded the turning for your robot.


Ok leme get my code up

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Not relevant to the topic, but as a side note I would add a bar on the other side of your wheels to stabilize the axles and prevent damage to anything.

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Ty weve bean planting to add one just been busy with are cata

green beans ? (perhaps spell check next time).


Did you mean we have been planning? or something else?

Have you checked your drivetrain?
It might be part of your robot’s turning problem.

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Ok thanks ill check tomorrow, i think i might have 1 side flopes but idk if that maters

*flipped, how do you edit posts

You don’t
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You can delete them though