Our Robot(so far)

This is our robot so far. Not too many pictures. Just some crucial points

Birds eye view:

We haven’t done wiring yet but it is going to be done tomorrow.

Scissor Lift:

This is the scissor lift we are doing, there are a few flaws we are fixing currently.

Random Artistic View:

Just a random angle.

Comments, questions, concerns?](http://i.imgur.com/aK3ZI.jpg)

Assuming you guys are 950A, I look forward to seeing you guys this weekend at the battle by the bay tournament. Nice work so far :slight_smile: .

Yes we are, and I think we are going to be there.

We will be there also. You robot looks amazing. My students don’t like scissor lifts. Sure hope I get the opportunity to show them a great one in action. Thanks for the Share.


Nice work guys. Your drive, lift and intake are all quite unique and look to be really well thought out. The 6 motor drive, through knobbly wheels, will be formidable. As my boy’s would say “Sick as” robot, which is actually quite the compliment :slight_smile:

I see you have a horizontal scissor on the intake which (I’m guessing) pushes the sacks off the polycarb, into the trough. A down side of this type of flat intake, is the number of sacks that can slide off the front as you lift. If this is an issue, you could substitute the horizontal scissor pusher with a “floating”, powered top roller or conveyor (above the polycarb), which would be able to assist pulling sacks in and holding them in place when you lift, as well as pushing them out into the troughs.

Good luck, Paul


Thank you for your compliments and suggestions. They are much appreciated. We worked 3x a week as much as we usually do to prepare this bot for the competition we had today and tomorrow. As for the horizontal scissor on the plexiglass, we will call that push, the only problem we have had with that so far is the motors turning to far when we bring it back. We have had our programmers fix that by adding in code that will turn one motor as if it was going forward when you press one button and the same with the other motor for another button so that way we can even it back out after it turns to far. Other than that we have done well with it. It pushes about 5 sacks(thats the highest amount we tested) which is more than we usually pick up. We pick up at most 3. Push is doing well for now and if that becomes a problem we may try what you suggested.

The other problem we had was VexNet interfering with our battery level. We blamed VexNet because right before the match all of our batteries were on green, during the match the battery for the robot went to red, after match the battery was back green again and we didn’t change the battery once in that process. We have found a solution to that problem which we should have done to begin with though. Once again thanks for the suggestion and good luck in your competitions.

The ROBOT light works differently when you are connected to the field or a competition switch. If you have no backup battery (or it’s voltage is low) the ROBOT led will flash red quickly. If you lose power during the match it will flash red quickly until power is restored and then slowly flash red, this is latched, once it has happened it will not turn green again until a power cycle even it the field is disconnected. Field techs use this as a way of debugging bad battery connections.

a nice clean looking robot you have there to bad i didn’t get to see your robot at battle by the bay. how did you do?

We placed 16th with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses.

we placed similar except we were on the overall winning alliance