Our season opener!

Well we are leaving NOW to compete in our first Skyrise tournament of our season. We are looking forward to meeting some of the other teams. Punching our ticket to the state championship would be great also!:smiley:

Wish us luck!

Hope you do/did great! Post results here!:slight_smile:

Good luck, guys! :slight_smile:

Great job Tournament CHAMPION!

Robotevent link: http://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/re-vrc-14-1752.html

First skyrise tournament of Georgia. We definitely saw some outstanding designs. Great job everybody!

Champion: 3536E, 5601
Excellence: 3921B
Design: 3921B
Judges: 5854
Programming skills winner: 4495A
Robot skills winner: 5854B (our elimination awesome partner!)

In addition, we, team 3921B, along with 4495A, had the special honor to win the first ever skyrise match in Georgia. All teams did well and all robots functioned as how they are designed. Georgia is off to a great start!

Edit: TEAM LEGEND is actually 5601.

Thanks Martin. And congrats on your Excellence, and Design awards. Your bot was very well engineered.

It was a good tournament and the host school did a great job.

It was good to get LEONIDAS (our bots name) into the swing of things. We had to make several programming changes during the day, but by the elimination rounds we were hitting a good stride. Our pneumatics failed in the 2nd round of the finals,:eek: that gave us a scare(blemished our undefeated record in eliminations) But after managing the clock and making use of our only timeout we figured it out:confused:(our bike pump we were using developed a huge leak so we went into the 2nd final round with an empty air tank unknowingly. We borrowed a pump from another team and closed the deal in the third round. So needless to say a new bike pump is on our list and we are going to make several programming, and mechanic adjustments this week. :wink:

Thanks again everybody. See you at State!