Our shooter on our slapshot keeps coming loose, breaking, and not shooting how do we fix it?

More details: Doesn’t flip the disk around properly and the rods (If you know what I am talking about) gets in the way.


Hey SparklemuffinQueen!!!

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1: Put this in the right topic

2: Try and employ a hardstop. Have a part of the shooter intersect with something that stops it in place, to stop breakages. Make a “rail” or cavity that you can fit the puncher in so its movement is strictly linear, too.

Sorry in a rush to post it so I didn’t pay attention to the right topic. (I’m using my team mate’s account. My computer is in use so I can’t change the post) Thanks for the info!

What was insulting? I will try not to do it again. I do not understand what aspect was cyberbullying. Sorry.

Please lets bring this back on track. I’ll start: Some photos would help me understand your problem a bit better.

Thank you for understanding! Sending pictures as soon as I can…

Hey we will send the pictures as fast as we can it might be a while because we are building the field

one of our sister teams had this issue. In other words its a SKILL ISSUE.
Im kidding (to all of those tryna cancel me)
But in all seriousness Maybe you could use a shorter axle and have the intake feed the disc into something else that is below the intake, so you don’t have to go through that much trouble to re-orient the disc, or you could use a chain intake, @DrumrollPlease youtube channel is a great resource for this

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout @childeater5

  2. I’ll post two videos here that I think will help you with a chain intake, if that’s what the issue is. The first video is a close-up video of an unfinished version of the chain intake I made at home in the month after worlds. The second video is a modification of the first one, but we made it a dual intake. We used the second robot in a camp competition, and it got first place. I would say it’s a good starting point if you don’t know what to do.

Video One: Meta Slapshot Intake Two (Improved Chain) - YouTube

Video Two: 12 Hour Vex IQ Slapshot Speed Build! - YouTube

Let me know if this helps, and good luck!


I remeber at the start of the season (like when it was released right after worlds) the other team captain and I saw your vid and we started freaking out about how awesome it was and then one day we saw the cracked Magikid robot and next we knew we had a new robot

  1. Send pics please
  2. Use rubber bands to pull the piace that popd off down

Thank you for all of that information!

Our robot is not shooting properly, it gets stuck right when it should shoot. Does anyone have the same problem or know how to help?

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You’ll need to post some pictures of your robot and what your specific problem is, unless you’re using the “Slapshot” trainer build.

Hope these help!

Great! Thank you! Did it work for you? All the teams in our school have similar problems. We have worked out some of them but a few have the same as us. This will help a lot!

thanks for the info we will try using shorter rods @childeater5

Please stop getting of topic, otherwise this topic will get muted.

Im not using that type of robot, but im happy that it worked =for you guys

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