Our shooter on our slapshot keeps coming loose, breaking, and not shooting how do we fix it?

This was not me this was one of my teammates

Just the hero bot sucks

This year for slapshot

Only if you expected this pre-designed trainer to be a competition level robot. But as a trainer, it achieves its goals. That is, it teaches a new team how to build with the VEX IQ robotic system, it uses only parts available in the competition super kit, and it illustrates some basic principles of drivetrain and manipulator design. The trainer is only meant to play the game at a mediocre level, purposefully, so that a novice team can be inspired to use the design process and develop their own game-winning design.


VEX IQ SlapShot Simple Shooting Mechanism | FAST - YouTube this the perfect vid for you

VEX IQ SlapShot Simple Shooting Mechanism | FAST - YouTube perfect vid

  1. Agree with this. Also, make the hardstop interact with the piece that you’re pulling back, because while I have no idea why it does this, having the hardstop way forward and using standoffs to interact with it makes you lose a lot of energy. In terms of building the hardstop, use 1x2 pins to poke through the plate you’re attaching it to, as this makes it harder to twist.

Try putting a piece in front of your bot then all you have to do is push them in(that is what 3 of my schools teams did today at a competition) Hope that it helps.