Our team has a school logo, but no team logo

My team is currently using our school’s robotics logo. What website or app do you artsy people use to make good logos? Thanks!

We use Canva.com to create our team logo! It is free and really easy to use!


Pixlr E is great for managing image layers, shapes, and such.


I made ours using paint.net.

Canva is great. We used it too.

I use powerpoint and make shapes in powerpoint

if you overlap two shapes together, and shift+click both of them,
Shape Format → Merge Shapes → Subtract and it’ll cut the first shape as if the second shape is a stencil.


For the most complex logos and usually the best result (in my opinion), I’d recommend using Adobe Illustrator. It’s best to purchase the entire Adobe Suite rather than to just buy Illustrator. There is a student discount of around 60-70%.


You could always just go on paint.net and doodle a clawbot. A very proud profile pic indeed. But I would personally suggest Ibis Paint X, it’s very high quality and it’s free. Only useful if you have an iPad though. You have rulers which is good for drawing things like gears

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You guys got to use render forest its a great way to make gooooood logos