Our teams problems

This is just a place to post all of your problems you are having with your robot.

Our main problem right now is our drive train; we have all omni wheels, four motor 100rpm drive. We are planning to switch to mechnum wheels later in the season. I want to know what are the disadvantages to using mechnums, because what I can see, it is all positive.

mecanums are heavier, have less grip on the tiles, and take up more space.


They also have less forward power especially because you can’t chain them together, if anyone tried to push you they would win


You can fit omnis between 5 holes (with sprockets or a gear ratio) or 6 with third wheel on each side. Mecanums can fit between 7, so you only lose 1-2in. of space, wich isn’t really much of a problem for this game.

If you were pushed from the side, Mecanums could hold their ground whereas omnis would be displaced quite easily. Even locked omnis slide more.

These seem to be the only problems you will have to build around, although being heavier isn’t always a bad thing.


The biggest issue I had when I used them in TP was turning speed. It turns slower than what you’d have with all omnis. Now if you use the strafing capability wisely then you can easily make up that time.


another downside to mecanums, which only affects us tank control users, is that you can’t really do tank control and strafing without using some other buttons somewhere for strafing, which isn’t always a good option.

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Eew tank control. :nauseated_face:

Correction- if you were trying to push back against omnis, you MAY lose. But if omnis are trying to push you while you are scoring, Mechanums are the best defense. Trust me. Mechanums have SO much traction from all sides. Omnis have more traction only from front and back. (Not, obviously their sides):face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I created an arcade Mechanum code last year for worlds that we’re using this year that works great. Basically axis 4 is strafe. Axis 1 is foreword/backward, axis 2 is turn. (I’m not looking at a controller right now, so I’m not sure.)

That’s why you use locked omnis

mecanums cannot be chained together and with tray bots which are meta the uneven weight distribution makes strafing weird and make the back motors overheat much quicker.

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Also if you push mecanams diagonally they slide as easily as unlocked omnis do sideways


firstly, i’d highly recommend changing to 200rpm to be competitive. our sister team 7701t used meccanums for the mid season then quickly switched off, from what i heard they don’t turn as nicely as omnis, they’re slower because they are heavier (it requires more force to push more mass physics yada yada).

the standard 4 motor drive is the most popular drive for a reason, it’s the most reliable.

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yeah, one of our teams are using tank control on mecanums, its so confusing to drive lmao

Our team has this new idea for a split-bot. We are building a tray bot that is 8.5 inches wide at the moment. I want to know what are people’s opinions on the subject.

our problem is i can never work on code through our builder dude rebuilding our arm 2 times

Yelling about problems? I have lots of those.
[REDACTED for leaking valuable information]

Robot occasionally doesn’t work for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I go through one complicated and painful process, and it suddenly works again.

Edit: and then there’s all the problems with V5!

But really, I’m not sure how productive this thread will be. It’ll probably get very off topic as people try to help each other, and then there will be 20 different conversations going at once. So perhaps PMing people with very specific situations you’d like to help with would be better.
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If this is not the case and you’re seeking help, please create a new thread and/or look through older threads for your answer.]