Our tray doesn't work

I have a two tray and the motor to make it go back and forth won’t work. You can hear the motor sound when I move it with my hands but pressing the button it won’t move, only makes sound. The tray is also hard to flip out because the intake that supposedly helps the tray flip out seems too weak. Help please, tournament tomorrow?

For it not moving, make sure the shaft is pushed into the motor. If you don’t have a shaft collar(s) on the shaft, make sure you put some on to hold it in place so it stays in. For making it deploy, try adding more rubber bands to it and/or stretching them more.


The high strength drive shaft is in all the way. If it wasn’t, I would be able to push it in more and it wouldn’t make the motor noise. I also have shaft collars. When trying to open the tray, the intake just can’t move at all?? I try using the intake to push the tray out but it ends up not.

The motor will sound if you spin it with the program whether or not the shaft is in. It also could be that it doesn’t have enough torque. What gear ratio is it? If you have a lift, try raising it to flip out the tray instead of just spinning them. If not, try tilting the tray all the way forward to flip out and maybe rock it back and forth.

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might be helpful if we had a video or a series of pictures

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pictures would be very helpful in this situation.

I meant when I move the tray back and forth with my hands (not with the button or program) the motor still makes noise. It is a 200 rpm motor. I do try raising it but it ends up that the intake cannot move.

Sorry I have bad pictures that aren’t up close since I don’t have the robot with me right now I’ll ask the team for the pics maybe I’ll show later image image

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If you can hear the motor sounds, and it isn’t spinning anything, chances are it isn’t in.

when i move it with my hands it goes back and forth with motor sounds but when i press the button it wont move

Have you tried it with no cubes? Is there too much pressure on the motor? Sometimes there is torque issues. Are you using 100rpm cartridge(red)?


there are never cubes on there when we test. we are using 200 rpm so it might not be strong enough?

What external gear ratio are you using? Switching to 100RPM motors will definitely help, but you’ll need an external torque ratio too. Rubber banding it also helps. If your robot starts how it is in your first picture, then you can start your tray slightly unfolded (as much as possible while still fitting in 18) and raising your lift should do the trick for deploying.

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We’re using 200 rpm right now. It is possible the weight of the tray is too much for that one motor to handle? Our robot doesn’t start like in the first picture, but rather the tray is a little open and the second tray is open, resting on the intake. Supposedly the intake should raise and help push the tray out but I think the tray is too heavy for the intake to push up since the intake refuses to move when the trays on it.

Could you send a pic of where the motor is attached? We need to see the gear ratio


Basically this green gear and the really small gray gear… sorry for the terrible photo but I only have a few and no robot with me atm and team mates aren’t answering

Try switching the tilter motor to 100RPM. What gear ratio is your arm, and does it lift fine when the tray isn’t on it? Try moving the pins that hold the rubber bands farther apart (toward the top and bottom of the tray).

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Does the motor drive the big or 12t pinion?
Also, how many cubes are you holding?

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image image image image image

motor drives the small gear. also supposedly it would fit 7 cubes but our intake is weak and can seem to only get 3 up the tray when the tray is open. we’re fixing the intake though so shouldn’t be an issue on that part