Our VEX LCD is only saying ROBOTC?

I’ve been trying to implement an LCD on our robot so we can switch out our autonomous quick and easy. However, when I test out our program (and even the sample program “Code Chooser” which the program for it is based on cause I’ve got no idea on how to code an LCD from scratch) the display only shows the word “ROBOTC” on the top line, and nothing else happens. If you need the code, I can provide it, but it’s mostly just the Code Chooser sample program with different auton names. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can fix this?

EDIT: I have noticed that if the orange cord is plugged in to the computer and the CORTEX, it says Startup and then seems to show the program in its working state. However, when the orange cord is unplugged from the CORTEX, it just goes back to ROBOTC.

make sure the download target is “competition” and not set to “USB only”