Our WallBot

My group decided to build a wall bot similar to NorthCals WallBot. We have a delivery system that then expands the wall and can continue to drive around. Our wires are now connected in the center then covered in grip to protect the wire. Our coach is concerned about us getting disqualified. What do you think?


You won’t be disqualified in the referee sense, but prepare to be DQed in a more permanent way by an opponent.


Looks nice, but as TaranMayer said, be prepared to face heavy offense. Make sure your wall can take a beating without bending or breaking.

Also those wires look like they are going to get tangled up. Try routing the wires so they come out in one spot and stick together instead. Also I don’t know if wires count as ‘not detached’, so maybe be prepared to add some rope (the rope could also be used to reinforce the wires, you don’t want your wires to get tangled and then ripped out).


Yeah, you are going to experience some big blows by other robots. Are you from Ohio?


Aluminum is pretty susceptible to bending do I would use steel like NorCal (assuming u have access to that much steel)

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You can definitely be DQ’d, especially with the wires sticking up off the ground like that, you pose a high risk of entanglement so try to get that fixed


We zip tied the wires into the center of the robot then connected them with grip for extra protection and connected it down to the cortex that way.

Yes, Hillsboro. We’ll be at the North Union competition next Saturday.

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I am from North Union. 4810U Re-Vamp. We should meet up

LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! North union is my school too. We are really excited about our first comp. We really have to meet up. 4801N tic tac.

4810 or 4801? Asking because username of post are contradicting each other.

We are both 4810. He had a typo

Whoops. Yeah it was just a typo sorry.

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Definitely. We are working on a smaller wall for the other side right now. Hillsboro 45133B Bravo Squad.

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Agreed. Hillsboro 45133B Bravo Squad

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Those shafts might bend when things hit them. I’d recommend using high strength shafts if possible.

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Use wireloom. It’s heavier and more protective. Bots can drive over it and u do not risk broken wires nor entanglement concerns.


Please take a video if/when it’s deployed in competition.


don’t bother using motors. use rubber bands attached to the top and the bottom and it will squeeze out the wall. then we will connect it with string. this is how we are going to have a wallbot and a clawbot that can lift up to 55 inches and place 5 cubes at a time

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impressive wall! but the thing i’m worried about is that would it be sorta easy to counter? especially since the meta atm for developed teams is the 448x traybot with 2 bar. can’t a traybot just slam its rollers onto the top of the wall and just and drag it away?