Out of bounds? Or not?

Hello, our team has been practicing on the field, and this somehow happened, we’d like to know if this count as out of bounds, would it count to the other team (through low goal scoring) or would it be neutral (in-bounds, but not scored for any team).


Definitely interesting. Worth a Q&A post. Anyone posting here would be speculating.

Based on figure 14 in the manual, I would speculate the disc in the net is unscored.

Edit: See SC3d - not scored.


That makes sense for the low goal (and of course the high goal), but is it still “in bounds”. In SG9 it states that we should keep the discs in the field, but would this be a violation, or exception?

For instance, teams utilizing the field walls in Tipping Point to control goals, as that is legal, and counted for being “in the field”.