Out of region wins excellence

We are in texas region 3
There is an out of region team who won excellence
They say that our sister team, who is 2nd in skills will get the qualifying for the award, but not the award. Is this true?

Yes, anyone who attends a VRC event regardless of their home base or where the event takes place and provided that they meet the criteria for that award can win Excellence or any other award. However a team can only receive a regional invite along with that award if they are from that same event region. So in your case, that team who won Excellence still gets the award, however the spot associated with that award is passed down through the skills list for that event, which if your sister team is second in skills and the team who won the award was first, will go to your sister team.

tl;dr: yes that is true and your sister team will be invited to your event region championship, however they will not take home that award as they did not win it.


Yes. As per the qualifying criteria, if a team gets double qualified (wins two qualifying awards at one event), or an out-of-region team gets a qualifying award, that spot to your Event Region Championship will go to the highest unqualified team in that event’s robot skills leaderboard.
For example, in this tournament, 6015C and 550C double qualified (Tournament Champions and 2 qualifying judged awards), so 550A and 19122A would get their “extra” spots.

However, this does not mean that your sister team will receive the out-of-region team’s award, as the judges guide does not stipulate whether a team can win a judged award at an event outside of their competitive region (where they are registered in).


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