Out-of-state teams and state competitions.

Our team 2616D was on the winning alliance of the REX competition. Tournament champions and finalists were awarded with spots at the Maryland competition. HOWEVER, only in-state teams would be allowed to go. Two of the three teams from the winning alliance were out-of-state (we are from New Jersey and 5757G is from Virginia).

Also, word is that the only way to get to worlds this year is by winning a worlds-qualifying award at state competitions. I don’t know about other places, but New Jersey only has one A YEAR so that means only one chance to get to worlds.

I think that it’s pretty unfair for teams who’ve won state-qualifying spots to not be able to go. What do you guys think?

Regions can form Super Regions. New England is a good example.

Talk to your event partner about joining together maryland for the state competition.

Yeah last year we had many “regionals” then we had 3 “super regionals” which included teams from Maine all the way down to Connecticut. I think it worked out really well, but I don’t know if that will happen again this year.

Thanks guys. Hopefully there’ll be super regions this year too. Haverford was a super region right?

I’m not familiar with how the new structure works, but as long as there is the same number of qualifying spots I would think it will be OK. I would love to see a flowchart or outline to explain it!

The way I understand it, Teams go to normal state competitions, where awards qualify teams for State/reigional championships, and all the worlds sports are won at the big competitions. I personally am fine with the system as long as there are multi-regional competitions since I think it severely lowers the level of competition when only teams from one state participate.

The Missouri and Mississippi State championships state on the robotevents page that they are open to surrounding states. We have signed up for Mississippi already and will sign up for Missouri as soon as the registration opens. We plan on doing New Orleans again as well.

I don’t know how this will effect qualifications though. Texas has enough teams and territory that I am sure that there are quite a few spots. We are hoping for 12-15 tournaments this season so I hope nothing changes to keep us from doing that.

Yeah that’s what Colorado had last year. It sucked because there were only 4-5 slots where we could qualify for worlds (3 for state champs, 1 for excellence, and one for design(?)).

The State qualifying rules state


So I 'm not sure you will be allowed in both. But I’m not from there either.


Nope. Haverford was just a big event last year so it got some qulaifying spots under the old model. We had a PA State Championship a few weeks earlier.

Shout out to our Vexmen kids who did well at these events last year:
Haverford Stampede Design Award - 81M - Mystique
PA State Championships Middle School Excellence Award - 80R - Rogue
PA State Championships Tournament Champs - 90C - Cyclops (with killer bot captain ACME 12A & Haverford’s 169B)


I’m moving to Alaska, we will have a better chance there (1 in 4), assuming no one else joins me, than here in California (1 in 12). :slight_smile:

In Alaska we will have two matches to decide state champs, a 2v2 then a 1v1, then we will ice fish (using our unimited length of 1/8”, braided, nylon rope) to determine the excellence award winner.

Now watch this post get deleted…

My region, Nevada, has 3 spots. This alots 2 to the champion of states. This means that competition has 2 team alliances right? That is what I think it should be and just want to double check.

Also would you recommend all tournaments throughout the year be 2 team alliances to get everyone in the correct mindset for states? This is what we were thinking of doing.

Where do you check to see how many spots your region/state has?

First time VEX has given this imformation to teams and it is so useful. :smiley:


What about District of Columbia? 2 teams, 1 WC slot.

I know, but the ice fishing is not so good there.

I am going to take that as a “I didn’t see the District of Columbia.”

These regions with so few teams should be forced to join super regions. Teams shouldn’t have 50% chance of going to worlds. This is how those claw bots get to worlds.

Mr. Pearmans humor is getting very funny :slight_smile: I thank you for that.

Yeah, who likes clawbots anyhow. Look at 1103, what a chump.