Out-of-state teams and state competitions.

That robot would have qualified through skills :smiley:
I meant those horrible vex sold clawbots that try all game to score a sack in the floor tile.

RECF has a website. It is filled with useful information and can be found here: [http://www.roboticseducation.org/

That is where I found the 2014 Championship qualifying criteria.](http://www.roboticseducation.org/)

So are any Alaskan teams reading the forum? I checked the 2013 worlds team list and I see one team from Anchorage, team 7742, Dumbledore. If you want another mentor (for programming etc.), send me a PM.

Hey everyone,

Let’s try and keep the discussion on topic here. I just deleted six posts of random chit chat that had very little to do with the discussion at hand. World Championship qualification is an issue that’s very important to all VRC teams, so let’s try not to clutter this thread up.