Outer vs Inner Acetal Slide Trucks from Linear Motion Kit

Is there a preference for either one of these or are they both just as good?
We are building a scissor lift and need help deciding whether to use the inner or outer ones for the sliding rack.

I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of both as well.

The outer trucks tend to pop out with very little force, so on a scissor lift, I would use inner trucks in case the lift tilts to far to one side.

Does one tend to have less friction over the other? Especially in cantilever setups?

I’ve found the outer trucks to have more friction in most setups. This (I believe) is due to the slightly longer lever – the outer truck is larger in most dimensions – causing more force to be put perpendicular to the sliding surface, resulting in more friction. Also as @SamuelC (7842D) said, the outer trucks are easier to pop out. (presumably for a similar reason) I would see the outer trucks being more useful in very narrow situations however. If the sliding surface is vertical, the larger surface area would distribute the weight of the load more, leading to slightly better structural integrity. But then again… all you have to do is add a second slider and everything’s fixed.

I have found that the inner trucks respond better to greasing(obviously with legal greases). I prefer the inner trucks for scissors due to their smaller nature-being built within the slide makes everything easier and allows for direct mounting.