Outside Items at World's

I was referencing the Vex World’s Q&A and it states that we can’t bring outside food. So my question is can we bring outside drinks such as water bottles?

Really great water bottles are given to volunteers, and there has never been a problem. If someone on your team (a mentor, parent, student) can be spared as a volunteer for a day, you too can get a really great water bottle!

The real issue is that the concession stands don’t want competition from a pizza place or Subway delivering food in their contracted venue, and their contracts give them exclusive rights to provide food. Pretty standard for any stadium/arena (although costly for the participants/spectators).

To answer both of your questions that you asked in the Official World’s Q&A.

They would prefer that you bring in empty water bottles and fill them on site.

There will be two competition fields per division.

Can we bring plastic water bottles that have 24-32 in a case?

The official answer will most likely be no, but pretty much every team I know brings at least some snacks and water. You can still eat lunch in front of the building if you don’t want the overpriced convention center food but want to follow the rules.

when we went to Worlds in Dallas (looooong time ago) we had cooler we ninja’d in. It’s not like they do pit sweeps.

wouldn’t flaunt it.

Yeah they’ve never checked your stuff in the past when you go into the expo center, and I’ve never gotten in trouble for outside stuff

That show up in all sorts of locations …

I live so close by and it still can take my breath away.

Diagnosis: hypoxia.

Last year they came by the pits overnight and left notes reminding teams not to bring water or food in.

@jpearman Is volunteering the only way to get one of those bottles or do they sell them?

Yeah, that was kind of cute. IIRC, they were printed in pretty small font on tiny cut up pieces of paper, which probably didn’t help in people taking them seriously either.

Everyone gets one I believe along with stickers etc. also I saw this.

My teammate took the water bottle for herself last year. :frowning:

I know this is really negative (and we’re off topic), but does anyone else find it at least kinda silly/annoying that vex gives out knick-knacks at worlds? The water bottles are at least of quality and useful, but some of the other stuff . . . I have to imagine much of it ends up in the trash.

Yeah our team did a draft thing to see what we would pick.

If you’ve ever been to a business summit/conference/event, every company hands out this kind of stuff like they’re trying to get rid of it. I have (sponsor) bags filled with “sponsor swag”. It’s really common at big events.

If sponsors are paying for it, then I don’t care. Since it’s all vex stuff, I figured vex was paying for it (with our registration money)

There are some collectables, although I seem to have lost two.