Oven Under and Full Volume Tournament Videos

Here are a couple of videos from the summer. There are links in the descriptions to get to the matches.

Over Under:

Full Volume: (This is from the last week of camp, you can find the other links in my channel but the quality is lacking in the other weeks.)


Forgot to put… The riser used for Over Under is the new riser from RoboSource. I LOVE IT!!!

And the IQ tables are the great ones from VEX Team Virus that fold up and roll away. The bins for the game this year fit within the wheelbase, meaning that the only part of the field I even need to remove is the 2x20s that stick up and the cubes.

All other things equal I prefer these over the RoboSource ones as they are 24", and 16-18" seems better for IQ given some of the smaller humans that play.