Over-Under Autonomous Starting Position

Hi, I’m starting the autonomous coding for Over-Under and I’m having some trouble find the exact spots that I can start at for autonomous. I know there’s a autonomous line on the field, but I’m confused on where I can go after and how I position the robot on the line.

This should help you. You start on starting tiles and can’t go past the auton lines, if you have any other questions, I recommend the game manual


According to vex code vr it would be there

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If you look at the game manual on page 40 (as of version 0.1) it gives a detailed description on Starting a Match.

Is there something that doesn’t make sense to you?


You are not allowed to cross over the furthest white line from your starting position.
Please read in the game manual.

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Please read the manually more thoroughly, the graphic is in there.

To help you out: Page 27 on the pdf page numbers, Page 20 on the vex page numbers