Over Under Barrier Demensions

The intro video for Over/Under clearly states the barrier is 3 inches in diameter. The text in the game overview clearly states that the pvc barrier is 2 inches in diameter. Can anyone verify the barrier diameter? We can’t order parts until the next school year fiscal budget kicks in (July).

This is what the game manual says:

The barrier is made from 2" schedule 40 PVC (2 3/8" outer diameter) that is slightly raised off the field, making the barrier approximately 3" high (2.88" according to the field specs)


All the field dimensions can be found in appendix A of the game manual: https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/23-24/vrc-overunder/VRC-23-24-GameManual-0.1-Release.pdf

The confusion is that the barrier is made of 2" Schedule 40 pipe. On standard pipe schedules, the dimension refers to (nominally) the inside diameter of the pipe. The “schedule 40” is a notation for the pipe’s strength, which then relates to wall thickness…so the pipe ends up closer to 3" on the outside diameter. For more details, just google “PVC Pipe sizes”

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Thank you! Makes sense.