Over under drivetrain

What type of drivetrain do u think can go over the pvc tube in mid field?

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we are doing 300 rpm on 4 inch wheels, with the wheels at the ends similar to what we did for spin up, but on 3.25 wheels.


how many motors are you doing

I’m thinking 1 option is to use the 4in tank drive or you could use an x or meccanum drive and try to out maneuver and go around the barrier.

4 in wheels on a raised drivetrain probably

Our current plan for our bot is to use a 4" wheel lifted drive, with all the wheels geared together for better grip and climbing. I’m not sure of our gear ratio, but probably between 250 and 350 ish. Our plan is to make the bot very compact laterally as well for side mobility, all in all making for a rather strange drive design.

What do u mean by lifted drive?

I’ll get a picture tomorrow if anyone is interested, but I’m currently making a drive with suspension on front and back wheel sets so that they can pop up and help pull the rest of the robot over the barrier. There’s another new drivetrain in the lab that’s finished and can easily drive over the barrier, but I don’t like the design and while it’s stable and competitive, I’d like to make one that can pull it off at higher speeds, so there you go. Also, not competing this year, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’m happy to leak.


Does the working drivetrain have anything special about the way that it is configured (offset wheels, etc.) or is it just a standard 4 inch wheel setup?

Since no one has mentioned it yet, I’ll throw it out there… Wheel Legs


Is it viable to use one of the larger wheels and an omni wheel in the back?

Is the suspension a rocker-bogie system or is it somehow tensioned down similar to a Spin Up intake?

I would love to see both drive bases!

Sadly no longer legal I believe.

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I believe these are now illegal… had that thought too :smiling_face_with_tear:

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It’s not exactly standard, I just mean it doesn’t have a suspension system. It uses 4" omnis for front and back and raised 3.25" omnis for the pipe. The part I don’t like is the fact that those center wheels can’t do anything in normal driving conditions, just when it’s crossing the barrier. It’s not too much of an issue because of the gear train tying them all together for motor sharing, but still… I think I can do better.

I started out with a rocker bogie, and it’s really difficult to keep it stable and not huge as well as being effective. I was too worried about it’s fragility, so I moved to a linear slide tension system. I’ll take some pics in about an hour and post them here.

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Opportunities open up, especially with the motor limit change from quantity to watts.
My first thought was a joke idea of having both X-Drive and Plus-Drive at once (8 motor 8 wheel) which I don’t even know if it would work. I wonder if it would work.

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They are still legal, just discontinued.

Note: the 5" wheels are still legal too.


Thanks for the correction, not really sure where I got that idea. I’ll be interested to see how many teams use them for the first time in a long time this year.