Over under elevation scoring

The way over under is scored is very interesting right now. Elevating is not just about how high you can get, it is also strategic. Don’t believe me? Here are two examples of how strategy can be used to make a loosing alliance win:

Both examples are compared to this theoretical match where the blue alliance is winning but just by a bit:

Situation #1:
If the red robot at C lowers itself to B, due to how ties are managed in the scoring, red would now be winning:

This one stems from the fact that ties are handled like 1,2,3,3 instead of: 1,2,4,4. While this can be changed, I believe this one is good how it is.

Situation #2: if the blue robot at D goes up to E, due to the way ties are handled, it might give blue 5 more points, but red now gets 10 more points

This one stems from the fact that ties are handled like: 1,1,2,3 instead of: 1,1,3,4. Which in my opinion is a very easy and smart change to make so that scoring higher for your team doesn’t make the other team score higher too

I’m curious to hear what your guy’s opinions are about this, feel free to start a discussion on this!

TLDR; red can score more points by making one robot go lower while hanging, or, by blue making one robot go higher.


Yup, clearly the intent… strategic final heights. Also, you are guaranteed more points if you match your alliance partner height.

A secondary thing to consider is how doing the minimum for an A hang can be a gut punch for teams that make a high hang a primary strat. If an alliance gets the top and bottom hang, the other alliance only needs to beat the bottom hang to tie.


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