Over Under field assembly instructions hard to view on phone

The field assembly instructions for the Over Under game set only seem to be available as a link at instructions.online. These are readable on a computer screen, but not so much on a smartphone display. Specifically, the part callout text doesn’t zoom with the rest of the image, so no matter how much I enlarge, it’s hard to read how long that standoff or screw is supposed to be.

Any chance the instructions will be available in PDF or some other form?

The link from the main site is a pdf.

Are we talking about the same thing?

On Competition Overview - Competition - V5 - VEX Robotics, the link for “Competition Field Assembly Instructions” goes to Instructions Online by Cadasio.com which is an interactive animation.

Is there a different instructions link elsewhere?

We’re talking about different things. Your link is for the Game Manual; I’m looking at the field assembly instructions.

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Whoops, sorry. 20 characters

I appreciate this feedback.

I’ll work on trying to find a way to get this sorted out. This is a new instruction software that VEX is using, so we’re still figuring out some of the intricacies.

I’m obviously still at VEX Worlds, but will try and get these instructions updated as soon as possible.



No worries!
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Thanks for looking into it.

When you get back from Worlds - it would be good to have a printable option for field assembly. I am not sure why this step by step build set solves a problem for EPs who have to set up 3 to 12 fields - it does not scale where you can easily pull out tasks for set up crew.

Maybe that is the underlying challenge

  • assemble subassemblies of the game and interfaces to field perimeters
  • assembly instruction for setup crew using subassemblies and tear down.
  • flat storage of subassemblies to consume minimal volume.

VEX worlds - end of event - most gets tossed.

Maybe a good topic for EP summit…


Hey Pascal,

I appreciate this feedback as well. I’ll re-discuss with our team to explore all options.

As always, you & the other EPs bring a unique perspective. Happy to discuss further at the EP summit. I should be there.


As a coach (and parent), I personally prefer the PDF format as well.

I find it useful to be able to print out a physical instruction book when assembling the field. It is much easier to flip back and forth through hardcopy than scroll on a device.

I also don’t have to worry about the device going to sleep during the next step…

Finally, if I have several students helping, I can either print multiple copies or give different pages to different students.

Part of this may be that I am an older millennial (an OLD MAN in student terms)…


Is there a link to the other instructions installation for over under?

Hey everyone,

Still recovering from the VEX Worlds come-down over here, but I was able to get started on working a solution out for some of the discussion topics here.

  1. Part Callouts on Mobile/Zoom Issues

Looks like this is going to be an issue more on the software side of things than it is on the VEX side of things. We’re working with the software provider to find a way to improve this moving forward. I don’t have an answer quite yet. In the meantime, I recommend using the online instructions on either a laptop or tablet to take advantage of the larger screens. Again, we’re actively working with the software company to improve the experience in any and all ways possible.

  1. Printable .PDF Instructions

These are in the works. Once the document is finished up, we’ll get a link.vex set up for it and placed on the Game Information page on the VEX site. I’ll post again here when the printable instructions are active. EPs make the VEX world go 'round, so we’re happy to help make your lives easier in any way possible! :slight_smile:

As always, we appreciate all of the feedback you all provide. Please feel free to keep posting any and all forms of feedback on the instructions here. The benefit of this new software is we can make running changes almost instantly to keep the instructions as useful as possible.



Totally dislike the interactive instruction even on laptop. Biggest headache - at least what we could see - to jump to major sections of build - like goal assembly, match load zone barriers,… just numbered steps that seemed jumbled together.

Whether working with middle schoolers on one field, or seasoned high school students one nine fields, it does not really scale well nor able to easily divide and conquer.


Teams who are building Fields right now are experienced and don’t need special interactive diagrams, but do need fields for summer camps and early competition! Please publish the basic plans first, then spend the time making interactive training stuff for the teams that don’t get started until the fall.


Come on, feel good to be part of unannounced beta-test program :slight_smile:
(experienced team coach humor-ish)


So its actually pretty useful on a computer, just installed the extention with no issues and it looks pretty decent. Gonna try this with my teams tomorrow when I get back to school.

Until we get a PDF of the instructions, I grabbed screen shots of the interactive assembly steps and put it into a PDF. The files are attached.
Over Under Field Assembly Big.pdf (10.9 MB)
Over Under Field Assembly.pdf (15.2 MB)


.PDF versions of the Build Instructions for the '23-'24 VRC Field are now available here: