Over / Under Field Assembly

I posted this under the Ri3D topic, but believe it worthy of it’s own topic. I’ve run into an issue assembling my field; I know others have done this successfully, so I’m not entirely sure where I’ve gone wrong and whether others may wind up in the same place I’m at.

As one can see above, the dimension listed on the right, 94.25" is the span from the centers of the two “short barriers”. These are depicted on the diagram (IMO) as being right on the mid-point of the joint between the first and second tiles. Given we know that the tiles are each 24" (again, seemingly confirmed by the measurement at the bottom right of the length of one of the “short barriers” as 24.59"), I would expect the center-to-center measurement of the long-barrier to be ~96".

When I connect my long beams to the center joiner and the 2 “tripod” parts, I do get the ~94.25" center-to-center span.

However, I can’t seem to get that assembly to mate to the base plates and stand-offs. See:

Leading to:

If I attempt to mate the ends to the plates. I’ve avoided above, instead, by removing each of the stand-offs on the center-side plates so that only the 1 standoff on the half-line remains. I then can get things “attached” to all the base plates (with 4 fewer screws). But now the short barriers no longer run completely parallel to the field perimeter, and the 21.89" measurement from the wall to the SB is more like ~23".

Further, if we add the measurements going across the field: 21.89" + 2.38" (PVC diameter) + 91.88 (Long Barrier length) + 2.38" (PVC diameter) + 21.89", we arrive at 140.42", which does seem to match to the 140.5" inside field measurement specified by page A9.

However, my inside field measurement seems to be closer to 142" (using the metal field perimeter). It seems square, as best I can tell, and centered on the tiles.


We had the same issue with our field. Another somewhat related issue was that when attaching the goals the cross bar seemed to be a little short causing the tiles on one side too lift. Has anyone else encountered this?


Had the same puzzling thoughts when assembling the pipes on a “classic” mint condition certified pre-owned metal field. Nothing seemed to align or match. The trick for me was aligning the short side bars to the standoffs in the three plates and bolting them down. Then I literally pulled the whole assembly as hard as I could so the middle piece aligns with the… middle. The foam tiles are fairly malleable. Then to my surprise everything came into place and the walls look straight. I get almost 141" across now. Mine too was at 142 originally.


+1 to this issue. The team’s field is antistatic tiles and a vex competition perimeter. We physically could not get the posts to align with the standoffs poking out of the foam on either side. Off by about 1.5in ish.