Over Under pages for Notebook template

Will VEX be coming out with slides/ppt notebook templates for the over-under game field and game elements for students to use in digital notebooks? I have not seen them yet.


+1 - waiting for the template

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We came to States with hard copies in 2023. Teams were told at the door they would not be considered. Apparently I missed the memo. Kids were disappointed. Hard copy notebooks had been accepted throughout the season, including just the week before.
I don’t know much about the digital notebook formats, but I hear that is the only acceptable format moving forward. Students started building for 2024, so I’d like to have an acceptable template for them.

  1. you should be able to tell the format needed for submissions of notebooks, it is either bring a hard copy or a digital submission on robotevents.com when you registered for the event. 2) Teams may choose to maintain a digital notebook or physical notebook throughout the season.

The template for the VRC 23-24 digital engineering notebook is already out. Here’s the link : https://kb.roboticseducation.org/hc/en-us/articles/8369508470935-VEX-Digital-Notebook-Templates

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The template was released on the 22nd:

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