Over Under Predictions

What do think Over Under will be like?


Like Toss Up - and MORE!


You could be thankful they didn’t call it “In n Out”, where you don’t pass inspection if you don’t know the secret menu part names or “Left n Right”, where you drive looking through a mirror or you can end up turned into a stone, if head ref looks directly at you.

But I’ll be happy either way as long as new parts are not overpriced and the experiences are not underwhelming.


@adrienschlag and I wrote down our game guesses before the name reveal.

I like where my guess is at for VRC. Sounds like IQ Crossover amped up to VRC level.

For IQ, I’m putting my guess in an envelope to see how it compares once there’s a full reveal.


Here is a more in-depth prediction.

Based on the last two games, my guess is that there will be three ways to score:

  1. An open-ended way. (like disks or rings)
  2. A back-and-forth way. (like rollers and mobile goals)
  3. A endgame way. (like expansion and balancing)

If the pattern from the last two games holds true, this seems to be the main structure that the GDC is going for.

From the name, it is clear that it has something to do with vertical position and movement.

A big question is, what is going over/under? Is it the game objects, the robot, or both? I think that both is the most likely answer.

My guess for the endgame point scoring is that it will be some type of parking. Either you have to park on top of something, or maybe park underneath something by making your robot super short.

Also. how much will there be obstacles? There might be something major you have to navigate in the middle of the field, or will there just be stuff on the edges of the field that you interact with?

My guess for the back-and-forth element of scoring is that there will be some sort of platforms somewhere on the field, and you will need to take elements from the opponent’s platforms and take them to your platforms.

One possibility is that there will be some objects that you have to put on top of some sort of platform and other objects that you will have to put under the same platform.


i have a couple of thoughts

  1. Game where ther are 2 levels with ramps up and down were you can score certain elemnts ontop and under.

  2. game like star struck were you can push elents under or over a barrier

  3. game that involves monkey bars and hangning of some sort


And the elements are going over and under the fence.


I think it’s going to be a game with a fence divide.


I’m thinking there’s either gonna be “obstacles” that your robot will have to go over or under, or you’re trying to score points by either shooting in a high/low goal similar to that of spin-up or earning points via getting an object to go over or under something, presumably without pushing the object directly under or over the aforementioned “something”.

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ChatGPT gave me this: Game Name: Over Under

Field Description: The field is a 12’x12’ square field with a central barrier or divider that divides the field into two halves. Each half of the field has multiple scoring zones or targets, which can be above or below the barrier. The scoring zones may have different shapes, sizes, or point values. The field may also have obstacles or barriers that robots need to navigate around or interact with, such as ramps or walls.

Game Elements: The game elements are large, cylindrical objects that can be placed either above or below the barrier, representing the “over” and “under” elements of the game. The objects may have different colors or patterns, indicating their alliance (red or blue). Robots need to manipulate and transport these game elements to the appropriate scoring zones to earn points.

Scoring Mechanics: Robots can earn points by placing the game elements in the scoring zones or targets. Points may be awarded based on the location, height, or arrangement of the game elements in the scoring zones. For example, placing a game element above the barrier in a high-scoring zone may earn more points than placing it below the barrier in a lower-scoring zone. The game may also have additional scoring opportunities, such as bonus points for completing certain tasks or achieving specific objectives within a time limit.

Winpoint Requirements: Teams can earn winpoints by winning matches or achieving specific game objectives. For example, a team may earn 2 winpoints for winning a match and 1 winpoint for achieving a particular task during the autonomous period, such as placing a game element in a designated scoring zone. The winpoints are used to determine team rankings during the qualifying matches and may impact the alliance selections for elimination rounds.


Stacking on or in something?

My guess is that we will have some sort of barriers we will need to navigate. Something like in toss-up:


Toss Up, but under water!


Sumarine game? 20 char


I think it will be a game where objects will have to be placed above and below certain field elements


Oike that FRC game with the parition and yiu didnt want any elements on your side

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Drones overhead and Robots under :slight_smile:


Maybe like star struck? A bad volley ball game?


Feel very similar vibes to Nothing But Net. They didn’t bring in flexwheels and ball bearings for just one season


What did you search to get this answer?