Over Under Ri24hr - MARC

Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll try our best to answer.


Looks promising. Any thoughts on elevation?


Yay! A fellow person from Mankato!
What are your plans for endgame?


Two quick thoughts about possibly making that bot an under.

  1. how hard would it be to add a piston-powered expandable net to catch acorns as an under

  2. can the acorns go through the intake backwards?


one thing that stuck out to me was the usage of flex wheels on the middle drive wheels. ik that most of the load is supported by the omni wheels, but is there a reason why you guys went for that approach rather than using traction wheels?


We had a couple ideas between the members. I was a personal fan of a starstruck type hang as that seemed the easiest however you’d obviously not be able to reach the super high tiers of the hang with that design. Unfortunately we didn’t quite have enough time in 24hrs to implement a hang however we’re pretty happy with the results and believe, with this design, a hang can be ratcheted off of the flywheel. Or even instead of 22W flywheel, do a 16.5W flywheel and 5.5W hang if needed.


We believed the center flex wheels would allow for easier traversal of the center bar. I’d say it worked for our bot as it could easily go over the bar with no problems. I want to see a 6 omni drive in a similar configuration, I’d bet it could still work but would need testing and comparison to be certain.


Refer to my previous response for thoughts on hang.

Also, go Mankato!

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That sounds like an interesting idea! Yes, go Mankato! Are you Mankato East or Mankato West? I’m going to Mankato East next year.

Also, if you were to go all the way up to the top tier, what would you do? I see that you said you liked the idea from Starstruck but it wouldn’t get you all the way up there. So, if you would go up to the top tier, what are your thoughts?

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I was thinking to do somethi g similar but instead of 22wat fw doing an 11wat fw (2 5.5watmotors instead of 2 11wat motors) i was wondering if you guys had tried this or even think it could be possible.

do you have a CAD model for this robot design that I could check out? I really like the design and I would like to check out the mechanisms deeper than what is shown in the video.

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Both Leif and I are both East graduates. We also had Matt and Noah who are West graduates and a few current West students at the RI24H this year.


While waiting for the Drivebase to be built, we had different teams prototype the intake and shooter systems separately and then rebuilt what worked onto the Drivebase when it was ready.

This is the prototype shooter. It originally only had 1 11w motor that was chained to both wheels but we changed that as the top part was going to be pivoting. It worked decently, but we decided that because we didn’t have the time to build a hanging mech and we already had intakes that worked well enough with 2 5.5w motors, we would just put the remaining motor power into the shooter and call it good.

I think it could be possible to run it with 2 5.5w motors if you spent the time to tune it properly, because of the time crunch this bot isn’t tuned that well but even then you can see it threw the triballs out of the field a couple times.


Oh. In that case, go Mankato as a whole! :grin:

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2 5.5w or 1 11w and 1 5.5 might work, you really don’t need nearly as much force as you had on the triballs in the video- you threw them out of the field often from what I saw.

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I’ve seen a lot of people put rubber bands around their motors, what does it do?

the point of it is to make the motors hot swappable by making it so they can change the motors out easily between matches to combat overheating.

so the rubber bands are there instead of screws?


the rubber bands are there to hold the motor toghether instead of the 4 little screw that usually do that, the 2 3/32 screws are still there but they only hold the front case in place