Over Under Strategy Question

For Over Under would it be better to directly shoot the triballs into the goal from the match load zone (if possible) or shoot them nearby the goal and have your alliance partner push them in?

In my opinion the prior— if you can do both at the same rate, then scoring directly into goals will yield more points, and free up the alliance partner for defence play.

You might find that shooting triballs directly into the goal while an opponent is playing defence on you is EXTREMELY difficult. Some lower level opponents might not play effective defense, but any mid or high level team will notice that your robot scores massive points if left alone, and will play defence. Shooting triballs over the barrier is looking like it will be the norm, but I encourage you to explore alternatives as that is a big part of robotics. Good luck in over under!


Agreed on shooting. But that implies the robot will expend significant energy quickly. Though there are several shooting techniques, all would benefit from some kind of bumper being permitted to help conserve the robot… avoid metal to metal contact!
Why is there no Over The Counter bumper permitted in the rules?


Closed! Age causes memory failures! Found it in the catalog, and CAD drawings. Paul