Overall Score and Highest Scores for Driver and Programming on the World Rankings

A team attends a skills only event where their Driver Score is lower than their Highest Driver Score for the season. Their Programming Score at the event is the highest for the season.

Why does the Overall Score not reflect a combination of both highest scores for the season?

Is it possible for a team’s rank which is used for eligibility for their state championship to go down?

To replace a skills score, the combined total within a competition needs to be higher than the previous combined total. They can never go down to a lower combined score.

Highest programming and driver skills are used as tiebreakers among tied total values. Current programming is the first tiebreaker, followed by current driver’s skills. After that it goes to Highest Programming, and then Highest Driver. Last tiebreaker I believe is the timestamp, where the team that did it earlier is the winning tiebreak.

I should also have added that their rank can only go down by being displaced by another team scoring higher.

In the case of your screenshot, if a team previously ranked below them gets a combined 71, then your team will move down one rank.

This is answered right on the top of the page with the worlds skills standings:

The column labeled “Score” represents the highest Robot Skills score posted to date, and is used to rank teams.

The columns labeled “Programming Skills” and “Driver Skills” represent the individual scores that comprise the teams highest Robot Skills score.

The columns labeled “Highest Programming Skills” and “Highest Driver Skills” represent the highest individual scores in each category, these are used as tie-breakers per the official game manual.


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