Overbuilt X-Drive for starstruck

Just built this dope X-drive. I had it in mind to build something like this eventually, but it seemed like too much of a hassle, and it was. There really is no purpose to this design other than it being slightly stronger than regular x drives. That and the fact that is looks cool. This took way more effort than it was worth. Oh, and you can sort of tuck away encoders in the corners, super neat and tidy.

I don’t know why you’re down about your design. I think it looks awesome.

@FullMetalMentor Thanks!

I’m guessing you’re gonna use a forklift intake?

@AppleDavidJeans Well, not really. Lets just say we have some special ideas, and leave it at that.

specs? high speed, turbo?

In the video all the motors were turbo but we had to change them out for speed. The motors would randomly just loose power on turbo. Interestingly enough, when we changed to high speed, we aren’t really seeing a speed difference but we can definitely feel a torque difference.

If that chassis is made out of steel, it could just be that the turbos couldn’t go at max speed from the weight.

@technyk32 yeah it was steel, but it wasn’t that heavy. I just think the turbos couldn’t handle accelerating that much mass. They pretty much had 0 resistance on them. Do you think the high speeds can handle a full robot on top as well? A good 15-20 pounds?

I’m honestly not sure. I don’t really have much experience with x-drives, and our robot last year used torque motors for drive.

I think you’ll be straining pretty hard on just 4 motors with 15-20lbs. With 6 or 8 you’d be in much better shape. Good news is there isn’t much as far as pushing matches go this year.

Not saying that this drive isn’t beautifully built, but are you sure you want to have a base made out of 5 hole steel? For having to pick yourself up at the end and not necessarily needing the most solid base ever due to no defense you might be overdoing it. It does look really well built though good job.

“Overengineered” was in the title for a reason.

@nichols jj I agree it’s definitely a bit overkill, but this is the steel we had and this much weight is going to be nothing compared to what we have planned for the full robot, so yeah. Plus, the last time I built an X-Drive, all the C-Channels bent and it came apart on the flight to worlds, so I guess this is my way overcompensating. Thanks!

I’m sorry, but how is this overengineered? It seems more overbuilt than engineered. How was this engineered to be superior to other teams? What led you to build a 4 motor x-drive out of steel 5x c-channels? If anything it looks like the drive puts you at a disadvantage with regards to getting stars faster, intergrating other subsystems in, or lifting.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very well built x-drive, but seeing that it wasn’t built for any specific purpose in mind makes it seem like it wasn’t really engineered at all.

@mwang17 there we go :slight_smile:

I didn’t build it. Also this seems to be more like a proof of concept of that build structure rather than a final design. Just a proof of concept that is really overbuilt.